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​Training Packages

In House Training 
We currently have a selection of tailor made training packages that we can deliver in house to you and your team. We pride ourselves in supporting practitioners and leaders to improve the quality within their settings, and what better way to do this than CPD (Continuous Professional Development)? It is essential that you keep up to date with current legislations, and that you also find a method, pedagogy or theory that suits you and your environment.

Prices for these courses vary*, and all can be covered over a period of half a day or a full day depending on your needs. We will come in and conduct the required training after having a brief conversation about your needs and what your own objectives are before we share ours. This means we can fully understand what it is you're looking for so that we can incorporate this into our session.

*Prices are determined by length of session required, such as full and half days and the amount of people it needs to be shown to. All packages include pre-meeting, training session and aftercare to ensure training is being embedded well into your practice of the setting.

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